Making a case for Mack Law. In the words of our valued clients.

Mack Law client testimonials

John M. Day
Retired Town Treasurer
Town of Bristol RI

“During my tenure as Town Treasurer in Bristol, I had the pleasure to work extensively with Sandy Mack. First in her capacity as Town Solicitor in 1986, and in her subsequent position as Bond Counsel.
With her vast spectrum of knowledge, she often knew more about my needs as Treasurer than I did. Sandy has a unique ability to take the different “languages” from the legal and finance worlds, and make them understandable to people with varied backgrounds and levels of knowledge. She’s also highly respected as a fair, honest and unbiased advisor.
As Town Solicitor, Sandy recognized Bristol was headed in a bad financial direction — with a tendency to overspend. She drafted a set of rules relating to spending/tax revenue recognition that are still part of the town’s Ordinances, and which helped to earn favorable Moody’s bond ratings. In my view, they’re still a reason for the town’s ongoing financial success.
In the area of funding for Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB), we collaborated to do some really groundbreaking work. As part of the plan, Bristol obtained a private IRS ruling making employee contributions to the OPEB fund pre-taxed and future payouts tax free.
I also had an idea to issue a school bond for school improvements, and leverage the town’s access to a complex mix of school housing aid, stock investment earnings and partial stock sales. Sandy’s ability to translate this into a workable and understandable plan was key to a successful and novel transaction. As a result, the town was able to maximize its proceeds from the bonds in an unprecedented way, while retaining a stock portfolio of about $1M in value to fuel continued earnings.”

Michelle Keating
Walpole, MA

“I’ve been working with Sandy Mack since 2007 in several areas: real estate, corporate law and personal finance. For starters, her research is always extremely thorough. Sandy works to truly understand what your goals and objectives are — then comes back to you with the best possibilities and opportunities to serve both your current situation and long-term needs.
Sandy is very authentic. And as our relationship continues, I enjoy working with her more with each passing day. She really knows who I am, and how I think. This kind of chemistry is very important. When you’re dealing with real estate or corporate issues, a lot of interesting occurrences can suddenly come up. Since Sandy’s sensibilities and values are aligned with mine, this enables us to go straight to the right solution or deal.
Sandy can shift gears quickly when needed. But at the same time, she doesn’t hesitate to pause and reflect. Especially when there is an opportunity for an acquisition or a sale, you really need to look at whether it’s the right one based on the criteria in front of you.
She really does partner with you. There are moments when Sandy has said, “Let’s take a step back and look at this. Is this really on point for you? Will this keep you on track with your goals and objectives? So she’s not just going along with what my immediate desires or inclinations may be.
Sandy is also very calm and patient. Sometimes you only have hours to make an important decision. So you have to think really quickly. Yet she’ll never rush me or cause anxiety. It’s a very reassuring process when you’re working with Sandy. She keeps everything in perspective.
As a woman, it’s also refreshing to work with another businesswoman who is raising a family, running a company — and dealing with all those delicate balances that need to be managed on a daily basis. I think that adds even more to our sense of mutual understanding.”

Craig W. Carpenter, CFSP
Carpenter-Jenks Funeral Home & Crematory
West Warwick, RI

Throughout the lifetime of a family-owned business, there is a continual stream of challenges, changes and opportunities that need to be addressed. Since 1993, our family has entrusted Sandy Mack to attend to our varied needs for informed and objective counsel — while also looking to her for specific legal services.
Over nearly a quarter of a century, Sandy has provided valuable expert advice to help adjust to changes in the overall business climate, while guiding us through succession planning and personnel issues. As a skilled negotiator, she has also represented us on two occasions in our dealings with architects and general contractors. These negotiations also resulted in our ability to secure and maintain a very beneficial relationship with our bank.
In the course of our relationship, Sandy has invested many hours to deepen her understanding of the day-to-day funeral service business, along with her knowledge of the industry in general. Her invaluable insight into our profession enables Sandy to take a leading role in regular discussions with our accountants and financial advisor. This helps us to continually assess the present state of our business, while helping to guide our future vision.”